Serving North Georgia and the Surrounding Areas

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Enjoy a better yard in hours

Our versatile stump grinder is highly efficient, so it takes only a short time to complete the job. Several benefits of our services are listed below.

Call to take advantage of money-saving DISCOUNTS if we remove multiple stumps — or when multiple neighbors get stumps removed the same day.


Complete stump grinding as deep as you need

As a stump removal specialist, Grinderz Stump Grinding takes pride in keeping its powerful equipment cleaned and maintained on a regular schedule. That means we can grind down any new or old stump with efficiency, including the big base and surface roots.

Quality equipment for tough jobs

Ask for your FREE quote — by phone or on-site if you live within 20 miles.

We can maneuver our self-propelled grinder from stump to stump with no truck. We reach tighter spots without damaging the property.


Just as important, our machine can fit through a small 36-inch gate opening, and grind to a depth of 4-8 inches below the ground's surface.

  • Remove your yard's worst eyesore

  • Repurpose the space for new uses

  • Protect yourself from liability claims


After grinding is completed, there will be a large mound of dirt and mulch left behind. We do NOT offer complete removal of the dirt and mulch. However, for an additional fee, we will take the time needed to rake the dirt and mulch back into the hole and smooth everything out.