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Reclaim usable space for your yard

Repurpose your storm-damaged space to extend your yard or plant a new tree, but the first step for either is to remove the stump.

Call us today for a FREE quote to clean up the damage.


Don't let storm damage create a big hazard

You see tree stumps in every neighborhood. A storm hits and debris is removed you may still be left with the inconvenience of a stump. You cannot easily mow around, children cannot play, is a potential safety hazard, and can be a breeding ground for termites and other pests.

We're new, we're good, and we want your business. That's why we'll give you a DISCOUNT to remove multiple stumps, or when multiple neighbors remove stumps the same day.

Safe and attractive landscapes

Before we start work, we will make sure the environment is truly safe for both our employees and your property.

Removing ugly or unwanted stumps after storm damage get full recovery of your yard. Some of our grinding services include:

  • Tree stumps

  • Bushes and shrubs

  • Surface roots