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Do you have more than one stump causing problems? We'll not only remove them all, but you can also call to receive a multi-stump DISCOUNT.



There are 3 major factors that can affect stump grinding cost.

1. Height - If the stump is more than 12 inches tall, this may increase price.

2. Diameter - This is the measurement from one side of the stump to the other at ground level.

3. Root system/surface roots - Some stumps go straight into the ground while others tend to swell outwards at the base, then branch out into many surface roots going in different directions.


For an exact quote, it is best for us to come look at stumps in person.

For a "ball park" price, feel free to send us photos of your stumps. Before taking photo, place a object such as a hat or water bottle on top of or next to stump. This will help us scale the size of the stump. Send photos to the number 706-676-2519 or email photos to

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Rely on us to put safety first. We build up safety guards on your property, and of course, we're fully insured.