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Why shouldn't I just rent a stump grinder and do it myself?

There are 4 basic reasons it makes sense to hire an expert like Grinderz Stump Grinding. First, stump grinder rentals aren't cheap. Second,the types of rental grinders available may have dull teeth and are suited for small stumps. Third, if you don't know what you're doing, you can hurt yourself. Fourth, it costs less than you think — ask for a FREE quote.

If stump size determines difficulty and cost, how do you measure one?

The easiest answer is to let Grinderz Stump Grinding do it. Short of that, you want to measure the height of the stump from ground level, and its maximum width where the stump meets the ground. Surface roots may add additional cost.

How long does it take you to get rid of a stump?

This answer won't surprise you: it depends. It usually takes us somewhere between less than an hour to as many as 5. The stump's size matters most, but a tricky location can add significant time to a job. But Grinderz Stump Grinding uses the best equipment on the market, so our machines typically grind up a stump as much as 10 times faster than a rental machine can.

My stump has a pretty small diameter.... how hard can it be to take out?

Looks can deceive. Above ground, your stump might not be all that big. But depending on the type of tree, the base and roots below can be significantly larger and harder to remove.

How big of a machine does your company use?

The grinder we use at Grinderz Stump Grinding is powerful enough to handle large stumps, yet small enough to let us access enclosed areas with openings as narrow as 3 feet. Our machine is self-propelled and our cutter wheel is modified with Wearsharp Teeth technology.

How deep below ground will your stump grinder reach?

Will your equipment do much damage to my property?

We might drop some natural debris, but your pathways, landscape, and lawn should be safe. We carefully protect your property, so you can trust us in tricky locations near fences and on golf courses. We grind within inches of sidewalks, driveways, and buildings. Before we leave, we tidy things up — leaving no sign that your tree or our grinder was there.

Can my yard really look like the stump was never there?

After grinding is completed, there will be a large mound of dirt and mulch left behind. We do NOT offer complete removal of the dirt and mulch. However, for an additional fee, we will take the time needed to rake the dirt and mulch back into the hole and smooth everything out.

While the depth depends on your tree's size and type, we typically grind stumps 4-8 inches below ground. If you need us to go deeper to accommodate a specific use, we can.

Why should I choose you instead of a traditional tree service

First, many tree services don't offer stump grinding. Second, as specialists, we'll deal with your stump more effectively than a service more focused on branches and limbs. Finally, as a new business, we're eager to earn your business and trust.

Can I expect to get any mulch?

You can — it's a way to get a little extra from the stump grinding process. How much you'll recover depends chiefly on 3 factors:

Do you have more than one stump causing problems? We'll not only remove them all, but you can also call to receive a multi-stump DISCOUNT.


Answers to frequently asked stump grinding questions

At its most basic, stump grinding is pretty simple. Grind up a stubborn tree stump to remove it from the ground. Then you try it yourself and the questions explode. If you're curious, here are some answers or just let Grinderz Stump Grinding take care of everything for you.

As a brand-new business that started in 2015, we're dedicated to your satisfaction. That's why we're prompt, thorough, and growing fast.

What is stump grinding exactly?

Rely on us to put safety first. We build up safety guards on your property, and of course, we're fully insured.

For starters, it's the most efficient and cost-effective method to remove tree stumps from your yard without causing damage.


Grinderz Stump Grinding operates a specialized machine to chip up the visible portions of the stump above ground, and also below ground level.

  • The size of stump above ground

  • How many subsurface roots we grind

  • The tree type (some grind more easily)